Future Audio Design Innovation, LLC designs and sells unique protective cases and related accessories that are acoustically engineered to “naturally” enhance the audio functionality of portable electronic devices.

The company's flagship product is the AudioGlove, the first patented, protective case that doubles as an acoustic amplifier for the iPhone.  Hidden inside the protective cover is an acoustically engineered retractable waveguide chamber that “naturally” amplifies the sound coming to and from the iPhone.  The AudioGlove’s Natural Sound Amplification™ technology collects the sound from the tiny speaker, amplifies it by 10+ decibels (~20%), enhances tonality (warmer, richer sound), and projects it towards the listener(s).  It also improves the performance of the microphone by helping collect the user’s voice, redirect it into the microphone, and block background noise and wind.  The AudioGlove is a zero-power-drain mini sound system that skips the hassles of batteries, cords or docks.  

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