Sales Best Practices


Invest Daily – provide 6 hours of consistent and focused phone, email, follow up and note taking time to sales each business day.

Respond Immediately – return all calls and emails with prospects and partnership companies same day and work to respond within 1 to 2 hours.

Follow Up Regularly – communicate with traditional prospects every 7 to 10 days and with executive sales prospects every 7 to 14 days.


Provide Value – understand the real value of all products based on the needs of the prospects’ corporate environment.

Customize Materials – provide specific and often customized marketing, sales and evaluation materials and follow up that speak to the needs of the prospect.

Create Urgency – set timeline expectations and create urgency while providing value and discounts (where applicable) for meeting those expectations.


Build Relationships – work to build a working relationship when needed (i.e. more significant sales) and to simply help with the sales process when needed.

Discuss Vision – provide prospects and potential partnership companies with a vision of your company’s initiatives and purpose.

Set Expectations – discuss the current and future standards for the industry from your perspective and from your combined perspective with the prospect.


Create Advocates – work to turn initial point person into a product and/or company advocate and champion from the first communication on.

Build Buy In – set up conference calls and onsite meetings with the key individuals involved in the decision process early in the sales cycle.

Find Decision Makers – keep the final decision maker(s) updated on the sales process as it progress and then complete the process with them.