Your Business Brickyard by Howard Mann

Business is supposed to be fun to run. It felt that way when you got started, right? But somewhere along the way, stress and complexity buried all the fun. Getting through the day became the focus instead of realizing your business’s true potential.

If you are nodding your head in recognition, this book is for you. You know everything in it already, but, as one of my favorite sayings goes, it has become “hard to read the label from inside the bottle.” This book contains sparks to remind you of the power of simpler times, the power of getting the basics of business perfect. Whenever things feel like they are getting away from you, whenever your business does not feel fun to run, the Business Brickyard will help you reconnect with your goals and passion while reminding you that the basics will support you always.

The Business Brickyard

The best way to avoid or eliminate the seemingly unavoidable path to all-consuming complexity and stress is to take a step back to reconnect yourself and your business to the timeless basics of running a business. 

I call these basics The Business Brickyard.

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