Starve Ups - Oregon's First Startup Accelerator

Starve Ups was Oregon's first startup accelerator, and is its only scalerator, taking its membership companies from inception to acquisition.  From day one Starve Ups was built with its cornerstone as peer mentoring, which is exactly what Starve Ups stands for, excels at and focuses on as a group. Now, after 17 years in existence we are getting a new look and are further taking “proven peer mentoring for founders” to an even higher level.

As part of the upgraded branding we also recently trifurcated the group, into three distinct groups, yet we all remain one unified entity. In turn Starve Ups is now made up of the SURVIVE, STRIVE and THRIVE groups.  It is simple, the end-to-end educational approach, known as a scalerator, and full circle purpose of Starve Ups is to get each of our membership companies to:

Starve Ups Strive Stage

SURVIVE - the first 18 to 36 months where as many as 2/3 of all startups fail and where the greatest mistakes are made and the most time is wasted.

Starve Ups Strive Stage

STRIVE - into great sustainability, profitability and expansion when interest, investment and support tend to slow down and the real models take hold.

Starve Ups Thrive Stage

THRIVE - for their positive exit, IPO or existence strategy when our members turn into active investors, seasoned mentors and close the startup circle.

Starve Ups was launched by founders and is solely for founders. The group works tirelessly to change the game to make startups exponentially more successful in a more efficient and effective ecosystem.

Today, Starve Ups companies are 4 times more likely to garnering funding, 4 times more likely to be acquired via a positive exit and nearly 6 times more likely to stay in business than other startups nationally.