As the world transitions from PCs to mobile devices, Flexiworld Technologies Inc. is fast emerging as the leader in wireless applications for mobile devices, including laptop PCs, PDAs, digital cameras, and mobile phones.

About Us

The company has developed the FlexiCore™ technology infrastructure that uniquely enables mobile devices to print pictures and documents to ALL printers of ALL brands and models, use mobile phones as remote controls anywhere for wireless PowerPoint presentations, access the Internet with just one click, transfer wireless data to any PC on the go, and make wireless voice or video conference calls with your cell phone at a fraction of the cellular phone minute charge

Contact Flexiworld

Flexiworld Technologies - U.S.A. 
( Headquarters ) 
3439 NE Sandy Blvd Suite #267
Portland, OR 97232, U.S.A. 
Tel: 1-503-381-7056; 1-360-312-7588
Fax: 1-503-296-2043
Email: info@flexiworld.com

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Member Status: None Company: Flexiworld Industry: Software Founded: 2001 Member Since: 2001 Funding Sources: Self-Funded Business Strategy: None Exit Strategy: none Website: www.flexiworld.com Founders:  William Chang