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When we were kids, we used to put ketchup on everything: we put it on the foods we LOVED... and we put it on the foods our parents wanted us to love. It was fun and exciting, it elevated our foods, and it tasted great! But when was the last timeanyone was excited about ketchup? For us, it was when we travelled. We had curry ketchup in Belgium and Germany and cherry cola-flavored ketchup at a wine bar in Hong Kong.

But back here in the States, the selection in the ketchup aisle looks about the same as it did in the 1970s. When you’re eating a gourmet burger with some craft beer, why would you want to bring down your meal with an inferior condiment? The few other organic and flavored ketchups on the market just didn’t do it for us.

We took to our kitchens and tried over 30 different flavor combinations. We left out the high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, and preservatives and stuck to our high-quality organic ingredients. We wanted delicious ketchup without scary chemicals.  We emerged from the kitchen with three delicious flavors that we can't wait to share with you:

Our Classic is Red Duck’s take on the traditional ketchup flavor profile, but it has a hint of sweet married with a touch of smoke. This one enhances all your standard ketchup fare – burgers, fries, hot dogs, but that’s just the beginning.  Red Duck Curry ketchup is a warm, full-bodied Eastern spice blend. It’s perfect on potatoes of all types, eggs, fish, tofu stir-fry, and rice.

Finally, our Spicy is a treat for all you Latin food enthusiasts. It’s got a kick, but our secret ingredient gives it a nice smooth finish. We’ve seen people put this on everything from leftover Chinese food to green beans to cheese pizza – the sky’s the limit on this one!

We can't wait for you to try our ketchups and join the Red Duck family. Most of all, we want to hear how you elevate your food!

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Member Status: Strive Company: Red Duck Foods Industry: Food Service Founded: 2012 Member Since: 2014 Funding Sources: Friends and Family Funded Business Strategy: Distribution Channel Development Exit Strategy: Merger & Acquisition Website: Overview: Red Duck’s first product line brings the excitement back to ketchup. Our Classic, Spicy and Curry flavors will, without a doubt, elevate your food. Founders: Karen Bonner & Shannon Oliver