SpaceView re-imagines on-line shopping for physical goods. Instead of product photos, SpaceView allows your shoppers to virtually "take the product home" and see how it looks in their environment. 

SpaceView currently works with and is seeking forward-looking retailers and manufacturers that want to increase revenues, reduce returns, accelerate mobile shopping and implement social media in one easy to use solution. Founded and led by Milos Jovanovic, an internationally-recognized "green" architectural designer and entrepreneur; Milos wanted a solution like SpaceView for his own use; so he created it. 

With the team of great engineers and tech industry professionals, SpaceView will change the way you shop and allow you to virtually take the products home and "see how they look." SpaceView uses patented technologies that blend into existing infrastructures and require only a minimal time integration. If you'd like to engage with us and learn about our ground-breaking solution for web and mobile shopping, click here.

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